Real Estate

Where is the object, how does it look and how does it fit in to the surrounding area? We can answer these questions with our house specific roof-top address information, as well as through aerial and oblique photography of the object and it’s environment. The view from above or from an oblique perspective often replaces the need to personally inspect the area, giving you and your customers a better overview and impression of the entire surrounding area of your home or business property.

We can deliver aerial photographs of any address in Germany in high resolution both cost effectively and quickly. Through the seamless linking of additional information (for example the living conditions and social structure) you gain new insights and achieve more accurate measures for managing and rating.

Properties, land and roof surface areas, the distance from the street etc, can all be measured precisely with aerial photographs. Furthermore, it is also possible to simply embed the image data into your intranet or internet applications.


Sample applications


  • Facility Management
  • Property valuation
  • Property portal
  • Real Estate
  • Maintenance and upkeep (garden landscaping etc.)

The analysis of your client information can be refined and enriched with help from our additional relevant information. Thus enabling you to unlock hidden potential and gain access to your desired new customers.

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