To know exactly where you currently are and in which direction to go, can be decisive. This is the same whether it’s for a business, with precisely directed supply chains, or for private users in the search for the next possible accomodation or petrol station.

Emergency rescue services, the fire brigade and the police benefit, in terms of action planning and becoming a faster, more precise and more efficient service. Digital aerial image data and the house specific geocoded roof-top address system opens new possibilities for a destination specific orientation – exactly there, at the heart of where speed and precision are required, or where accepted navigation data can give no further help or information.

The naviagation and image data can be flexibly called up and delivered onto various consumer devices. Upon your wish, GeoContent can also offer turnkey solutions, for example to measure curve radii and delivery routes.




  • Navigation of the last mile
  • Emergency management
  • Surveillance
  • Task planning
  • Rescue operations
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