Community/Public administration


Use the aerial image data for an efficient administration. The “view from above“ opens new perspectives, makes many decisions much easier and has already saved many external appointments. With the georeferencing aerial image map, GeoContent provide a homogenous and complete image mosaic, which you can combine with other vector and raster information.


The overlaying of abandoned sites, town planning, inventory such as land and tree registry is made simple. From this you can revalue your development plans and place them on the internet. In location marketing you gain decisive advantages, if you can market the real estate or business park attractively and impress investors in this way.


If, in your specific case, our standard data is not sufficient, upon your request we would be happy to fly and photograph your area - with a ground resolution of up to 5cm, at a specific time of year, or to meet other requests (e.g. including pseudo colour infra-red imaging for environmental mapping).

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